Brian Mackey - America


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About This Video

"America" takes the viewer along with Mackey on his cross-country road trip, documenting the experience with a series of beautiful images as seen from the passenger seat of his car. In the morning, we see sunlight peeking through mighty oak trees. We drive along through the Blue Ridge Mountains. We see horses in a field, birds on a wire, and a hot air balloon in the sky. Occasionally, we watch Mackey sing and play his guitar as he sits on an old storefront porch. At dusk, we stop at a graveyard, and Mackey pays his respects to someone he's lost. There are rows and rows of houses, diners, campfires, night driving, and plenty of other lovely scenes that really give a sense of the richness of the experience. There's a lot of inspiration across this country, and this video certainly captures a slice of it, making for a lasting impression.
Artist: Brian Mackey
Song: America
Director: Nick Cavalier
Release Date: October 31, 2014
Genre: Yallturnative