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Toby Keith
September 7, 2006--The Tennessean reports that Toby Keith's Broken Bridges co-star, Burt Reynolds, has given Toby a big thumbs-up.

"He told my acting coach and me, 'You win because you've got some kind of appeal that breaks through those critical masses. That is that special something,'" Toby tells the paper.

Burt told Toby, "Now, to be a leading man, you can either be charming or very dangerous, but you have to be one or the other. Most leading men don't make it if they don't have one of those traits. Very few have both; John Wayne had both. I was never very dangerous, but I was charming--wouldn't you say?"

After Toby agreed, Burt continued, "Tom Cruise doesn't frighten me with a samurai sword, but you frighten me with a fork."

Toby says, "I grinned real big, just laughing at him, and he said, 'See how charming you are?' I said, 'Thank you, Burt.' As he walked off, my acting coach goes, 'Do you know how priceless that is?'"