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Gretchen Wilson Was Kanye's First Award Show Victim

by admin // Thursday, January 20, 2011 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments


We all remember Taylor Swift's infamous run-in with Kanye West at The 2009 MTV Video Music Awards, but that was not the first time the rapper displayed some beef with country winners by causing a scene at an award show.


Country star Gretchen Wilson was his target after she won Best New Artist at The 2004 American Music Awards. Kanye stormed out and told reporters, "I felt like I was definitely robbed...I was the best new artist this year."


Gretchen tells CMT Insiders, "His adrenaline was going and he gets very...he's a very passionate person, you know?" Wilson continues, "What am I talkin' about? I don't know him...I don't know him at all. I think he's an ass really for acting like that. He really is. He makes quite a spectacle. So grow up! Quit being such a baby! You know, if somebody beats you, it's because they deserve to beat you. And I don't know if you remember all the way back to the first time. I outsold you, bro! Do your homework!"


The winning country star adds, "It's kinda cool for me to know that I was the first. Kanye, just remember, I was your first. And I'm not above kicking your ass."


You tell 'em, Gretchen!