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eric church 


 I left Austin, Texas, on Wednesday to head to Nashville. Soon after arriving, buses pulled out around 8 p.m. to head to Florence, South Carolina, where we played a CRAZY sold out show with great energy. What a way to get things goin' again after two weeks off!

Friday night was Knoxville, TN - another sold out show with almost 18,000 people! Not to mention everyone from the country music industry was there, as well. It’s always great to be that close to Nashville....you never know who's going show up! John Rich, Cowboy Troy, & 2 Foot Fred came in to support John's act, the JaneDear Girls. An amazing moment happened when Cowboy Troy grabbed my mic and we made Knoxville a big party! We had all 18,000 people singing "Good Ole Rocky Top." I'd like to thank Mr. Rod Youree, a good DJ buddy of mine from Nashville - Good looking out on that one!

[ The JaneDear Girls started the night off and Eric Church was amazing as always. I introduced Jason Aldean and when his intro started, the place exploded! Even if you're not a huge country fan, you would love this tour. It’s like Megadeath meets George Strait!

We hung out with everyone for a couple hours back on the bus before heading to Columbus, Ohio. This time, I got the arena to chant "O H - I O O H - I O." If you're a fan of Ohio State, you know what I’m talking about!!

The first country drummer, DJ Duo, kicked off at Park Street Saloon in Columbus that night. Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean's drummer) and I started a little project called Groove Country. The aftershow was AMAZING!  It was a sold out club with great energy - I can't wait to do it again!

Everyone who is attending the ACM Awards in Vegas can check us out that weekend. I will post the schedule once deposits are paid...LOL! After the ACM Awards Sunday night, EVERYONE is invited party with me (and who knows who else!) at TABU inside the MGM Grand Hotel & Casino!


DJ Silver

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 Jason Aldean
Hanging out in the crowd watching Jason Aldean LIVE in Little Rock

Jason's manager
Me and Jason's manager Chris hanging out in sound booth


Playing Voodoo in Vegas

The first week of the Jason Aldean “My Kinda Party” tour was AMAZING! The week started off in Las Vegas for me at the VooDoo inside the Rio Hotel and Casino. And as usual, I got no sleep and headed straight to the Vegas airport, jumping on a direct flight into Little Rock. The show was sold out for weeks, so it was not shocking when I got there and people were already waiting in line to get in.

The JaneDear Girls went on and then Eric Church. If you haven't purchased Eric Church's records, GO get them....he is one of the most amazing stage shows I’ve seen! This guy is a legit rock star! I went on before Eric Church, and then Jason Aldean hit the stage. Jason tore that place up!  After seeing his show, I have no doubt that this guy is hands down one of the biggest and best in country music....an absolute super star!

After the show, I went to the bus and woke up in Fayetteville (another sold out show), hit sound check and did it all over again. People there from the night before in Little Rock also showed up.  It was one of the best crowds I've ever seen. Fans were holding up boots for Eric Church, singing along with the songs and dancing to what I was playing. They went CRAZY for my Zac Brown remix. Bravo, Fayetteville, for knowing ALL the words!

This week we will be at Mizzou Arena in Colombia, MO, the BOK Center in Tulsa, OK - and my first official appearance at the Jager After Paty at Pink Night Club - and then off to Lubbock to the United Center.  Did I mention they're all 100% SOLD OUT SHOWS...hell yeah!

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DJ Silver


Country isn't the first type of music that comes to mind when you think of mixes and club music, but DJ Silver is proving to country fans everywhere that the two genres can coexist as he hits the road with Jason Aldean for his 2011 My Kinda Party Tour!

DJ Silver is known for his high energy performances and eclectic style of mixing and has been touring major international markets for the past decade. He has shared the stage with the likes of Mickey Avalon, LMFAO, Digital Underground, Flo-Rida and dozens of other artists of every genre of music worldwide. A performer at major events like the Sundance Film Festival, Winter Music Conference in Miami, Viva La Bam Spring Break Tour and thousands of major nightclubs and venues across the globe, DJ Silver is thrilled to make his mark in country music when he goes on tour with Jason Aldean starting this month!

A big fan of the genre, Silver initially found it difficult to mix his love for country music with his career as a DJ act playing at nightclubs and opening for concerts. Despite knowing that "you either love country music or you hate it" and that his audience might reject his idea to merge polar opposite music genres, Silver started mixing country tracks into his national sets. Not only did he find that the crowd enjoyed his show, but he also discovered that when he changed the beat behind the song and mixed it correctly into his set even the people who claimed to hate country music converted into full-on country fans!

As his unique style of mixing country and hip hop began to catch on, DJ Silver was given the opportunity to play at the Country Weekly Fashion Show in 2009 during CMA Fest in Nashville, Tennessee. Slightly intimidated to do a DJ set in front of the strictly honky tonk crowd, Silver started mixing songs like Run DMC's "Walk This Way" with Alabama's "Fiddle in the Band" and Nelly's track "Country Grammar" with "She's Country" by Jason Aldean. The audience loved it.

After the show, Kevin Neal from Buddy Lee Entertainment approached DJ Silver, informed him that he was working with Jason Aldean's people, and requested a copy of the mix that he had just performed. About a year after sending Neal the recorded mix, the hit DJ was playing an aftershow for the ACM Awards at Tabu in Las Vegas when both Kevin Neal and Jason Aldean walked into the club. The country pros watched as the crowd went crazy for the Nelly/Aldean track, and a few weeks later, Silver got a call from Neal introducing him to Jason's tour manager, Chris Parr. Now, DJ Silver is set to be the opening act for Jason Aldean's 2011 tour!

With fans that listen to rock, hip hop, classic rock and - of course - country, DJ Silver is excited to be hitting the road with a sort of "crossover artist" so that he can "mix all those genres together and throw a party!" The first DJ act to ever tour with a country star, DJ Silver is prepared to set the vibe of the stadium and have the crowd ready to rock when Jason comes on stage!

Overwhelmed with the unbelievable feeling of being embraced by a genre of music that most DJ's would not even think of crossing into, DJ Silver is humbled and very thankful that "country fans, artists and labels honestly do seem to accept me with open arms. I also think they realize that country music isn't anything new for me...it's in my blood, and I honestly love the music."

To capture something that has never been done in country music before, Yallwire will be updating country fans about DJ Silver's life on the road with Jason Aldean for most of 2011. He might not be tippin' the rim of his hat or rockin' muddy boots, but you'll definitely see DJ Silver party like a cowboy with lots of videos, pictures and blogs throughout the tour!


Check out some of DJ Silver's remixes that you will be hearing on tour!

Jason Aldean's 'Crazy Town'

Jason Aldean's 'She's Country'