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by admin // Friday, November 2, 2012 // News, Upfront // 0 Comments

Hot young artist Easton Corbin and Muve Music have teamed up to give fans a track by track analysis of the country singer's new album, All Over The Road.

In this exclusive interview, the country star gives his fans the story behind their favorite Easton Corbin tracks like: "Lovin' You Is Fun," "A Thing For You," "Dance Real Slow," "Only A Girl," and "I Think Of You."

Not only is Corbin a talented musician - it seems like the country cutie is also a psychic. Regarding "Lovin' You Is Fun," Corbin claims, "When I first heard this song, it really felt good. It felt like a hit song to me." He was right - the song has been a chart-topper since it's release.

Going on about other songs on his sophomore album, Corbin claims he immediately liked the idea of "A Thing For You." "I think one of the great things about this song is it just takes things that are simple…and really makes a statement," he says.

A love song with changing tempos, "Dance Real Slow" sounds like a classic country song. "These days and times, it's so fast out there. [This song] is just about slowing down and having that time with each other," Corbin shares about the romantic tune.

Frustrated by a long day of searching for his next track, Corbin politely demanded his co-writer to give him a good song. As soon as they cranked up "Only A Girl," Corbin knew it would be one for the album.

Admitting "I Think Of You" was a stretch for him, Corbin says, "The song just really spoke to me. It can mean different things for different people, and that's what I thought was really special."

Easton Corbin is also this month's Muve First artist, a prestigious monthly distinction given to a hot artist. As part of the partnership, Muve Music subscribers can download Corbin's complete commentary album on the service.

To hear the full stories behind the tracks on Easton Corbin's new album All Over The Road, check out this exclusive interview!