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Steve Martin wears fake nails.

The 'It's Complicated' star plays in bluegrass band Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers and he has to have false nails fitted every few weeks because the banjo has damaged his fingers.

He explained: "The last time I got false nails was two weeks ago. My real nails got torn up from playing. It's a typical thing to have false nails in bluegrass. You go into any beauty salon and say, 'I need acrylic nails on the first two fingers please.' And they ask if you're a guitar player. I have them re-done every two or three weeks. I like to wait for them to fall off before I get a fresh. Have I ever been tempted to paint them? I have not."

The 65-year-old actor has been playing the banjo since he was 16 and he insists he prefers the instrument to its six-stringed cousin, the guitar.

He told Q magazine: "From where I'm sitting I can see four banjos. As soon as I'm finished this interview I'll pick one up. I play every day. But a banjo weighs about 20 pounds, whereas a guitar weighs about five, so I couldn't pick it up and still hold a phone and talk."


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Taylor Swift is to receive a special accolade at the Teen Choice Awards.

The 'Love Story' hitmaker is to be presented with the Ultimate Choice Award in recognition of her "extraordinary contributions to the entertainment industry" at the ceremony on August 7.

It has already been announced that Taylor is in the running to win six other awards, Red Carpet Hot Icon - Female, Choice Music: Female Artist, Choice Music: Female Country Artist, Choice Music: Love Song, for her single 'Mine,' Choice Music: Break-up Song for 'Back to December' and Choice Music: Country Song for 'Mean.'

Previous winners of the coveted Ultimate Choice accolade have included Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Justin Timberlake.

Meanwhile, it has been announced that 'Twilight Saga' heartthrob Robert Pattinson, talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, and Disney star Demi Lovato have been added to the line-up of famous faces who will make an appearance at the ceremony, which takes place at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles.

They join a host of previously-announced guests including Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Cameron Diaz, Tyra Banks, Kellan Lutz, Chris Hemsworth and Joe Jonas.

'The Big Bang Theory' star Kaley Cuoco is hosting the awards, while so far Selena Gomez, OneRepublic and Jason Derulo have been announced as performers at the event.

The winners of the 66 Teen Choice Award categories are chosen online by fans aged 13-19.


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Reba McEntire first partnered with Dillard's department stores in 2005 to launch her clothing line. Since then, the Reba brand has grown to include a wide variety of products, and she gives credit to the team she works with on the line's success.

"Well thank God I've got a great team here at Starstruck and all the vendors that are so creative and help us with thinking up new things to do on the Reba brand and Reba line," Reba said. "We've got the Reba wear, the clothes, the shoes, the bed, bath, table linens, the dishes, the furniture, the home furnishings and the specialty items, which are in the bridal department there at Dillard's."

Reba also has a line of luggage and several new products in the works. Also new from Reba is her latest single, "Somebody's Chelsea." Reba co-wrote the single - the first time she has had a hand in writing a single since her 1985 top 5 hit "Only In My Mind." Reba found inspiration for the song while watching a movie.

"'Somebody's Chelsea' is a song that I co-wrote with Liz Henberg and Will Robinson," Reba shares. "I got the idea [for the song] from the movie P.S. - I Love You [with] Harry Connick Jr. and Hilary Swank. About three-fourths of the way through the movie - maybe almost a the end - they're sitting there in the booth in the bar cafe and she's telling him how special her husband who had passed away was and I don't know if his name is Frank or whatever, but Harry Connick Jr. says, 'Why don't you love me? Why can't I take his place?' She [tells him]. 'Because he was this, he was that.' Harry Connick Jr. gets up to leave and she asks, 'Where are you going?' He [tells her]. 'I'm going to go find somebody because one of these days, I want to be somebody's Frank.' I [gasped] and I got on the computer and emailed Liz saying, 'THis is a great idea for a song!' So she got Will to help us with it and we wrote 'Somebody's Chelsea'."

Reba is gearing up for a fall tour but first, she will perform "America The Beautiful" on Sunday at the Brickyard 400, at the Indianapolis 400, presented by BigMachineRecords.com.

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*The Band Perry in a relaxed moment aboard their bus with their band, crew and songwriter Jeff Cohen.

With tons of accolades coming their way lately, The Band Perry celebrated a particularly special milestone this weekend - youngest brother Neil's 21st birthday!

With the family currently opening up Tim McGraw's Emotional Traffic Tour, it truly was a big - and sweet - celebration.

Big sister Kimberly created quite the cupcake display and visiting songwriter Jeff Cohen, who is writing with TBP in anticipation of their second album, contributed a box of cupcakes as well. Mr. McGraw himself even had a cake delivered to the young vocalist/mandolin player.

The greatest thrill came that night when - as he has done throughout the tour -  Tim McGraw invited TBP out to duet on his song, "Can't Be Really Gone." While on stage, Neil was serenaded with "Happy Birthday" by the entire arena.

Of the day, Neil himself had this to say with a laugh, "I've never been 'forced' to eat so many cakes in a day. It was one to remember. And I'm legal!"