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Brantley Gilbert took some time to catch up with Yallwire host Stephanie Langston on the Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour in Nashville, TN, to talk about his amazing fans, his studded leather jacket and his hit music.

The country rocker recently landed the No. 1 spot on Eventful for being the most in-demand artist across all genres, beating out tons of talented and popular artists - including Justin Bieber.

Humbled by the news, Brantley claims that "the support is just amazing - I can't thank everybody enough." Considering the list was made by the people, the country star gives props to his famous leather jacket for helping create his supportive fanbase.

A title that is proving to be true, Gilbert's most recent single "Country Must Be Country Wide" has charted in the Top 40 and is rocking country music fans around the nation. Co-written by Gilbert, Colt Ford and Michael Dekle, Brantley shares how the concept of the song emerged: "Colt and I had just come off a tour and we had gone a little bit more northwest than usual, and it was just a surprise to us that there was just as many rednecks up there than there are in the South. So we figured they needed a little bit of country credit. So that's where the idea came from and we just went from there."

Brantley has been on the road on Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour all summer alongside Randy Houser, Lee Brice, Jamey Johnson and more of your favorite country artists. Although the legendary Willie "kinda rolls in and rolls out," Brantley claims that "the fellowship is really good within this crew."

Keep an eye out for the deluxe edition of Halfway to Heaven - which includes three new songs - to be released "as soon as possible!"

To hear more from Brantley Gilbert, check out this exclusive interview!

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It's finally out! Yes, Steel Magnolia's Meghan Linsey and Joshua Scott are indeed engaged! Are wedding bells in the near future?

"I'd like to do it next year on my birthday (July 10)," he tells Country Weekly.

But Meghan isn't quite sure about her beloved's date of choice. "We were thinking about it," she says. "See, he just thinks July 10 because of his birthday and I'm going, 'Well, do  you know if it's a Saturday? Is it a Tuesday? He doesn't think about those things."

And apparently, the future groom has had a long time to think about these things! Joshua gave Meghan his great-grandmothers antique engagement ring prior to winning CMT's 'Can You Duet' back in 2009.

We're not quite sure why (or how) the couple has kept this secret for two years, but apparently they haven't walked down the aisle yet because of a mutual bad habit: procrastination.

"We're both bad procrastinators," Joshua claims.

"We're terrible," the bride-to-be confirms. "We went to Vegas for the ACMs, and we went to dinner and we're sitting there with our friends. We're like, 'We should just go get married. Why not?"

Josh jokes, "We ate too much!"

"And we're tired," Meghan adds. "So we feel like we're married, because we're too tired to get married. It's like an old couple or something."

Though they've technically been engaged for a few years now, Joshua may have to get down on one knee again. "He's waiting so long that he's going to have to re-ask," Meghan kids.

Check out the country couple as they talk to us about their successful debut year. In an attempt to conceal the true extent of their relationship, Joshua even insists that they are simply "a couple of singers"!

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The lovely ladies of Pistol Annies have announced their creative partnership with Columbia Nashville, the same label that's released three platinum-selling solo albums by Annies member Miranda Lambert.

The announcement was made last week in front of a sold-out crowd at Joe's Bar in Chicago.

Members Ashley Monroe, Angaleena Presley and Miranda previewed several tracks from their forthcoming project, including 'One's Drinking, One's Smoking, One's Taking Pills' and 'Boys From The South.' The threesome first debuted their lead single, 'Hell On Heels,' during the ACM 'Girls Night Out' televised concert event in April.

Regarding her creative side project, Miranda confesses, "I figured if I get tired of singing by myself, I might as well have some hot women up her on stage with me! It's an outlet for me and my friends to have some fun."

The Grammy Award winning songstress also assures loyal fans that a solo project is also in the works, with a projected late 2011 release. "I have been writing for the next [solo] project, but it's still in its infancy, so too early to tell what will happen," reveals the 'Heart Like Mine' singer. "I take it one day at a time, to keep everything in perspective. I try to focus on the writing part and let my team figure out the release dates, but I know we are hoping to have something out before Christmas."

Fans ready to hear some Pistol Annies music can download 'Hell on Heels' on iTunes starting TOMORROW (June 28) or on their official website.

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Yallwire got the chance to hang out at the Bluebird Cafe in Nashville, Tennesse, to catch up with the three talented and beautiful ladies of the 2011 Bluebird singer-songwriters featured on Willie Nelson's Country Throwdown Tour! Get to know Erin Enderlin, Caitlyn Smith and Dani Flowers - we are certain you'll be seeing a whole lot more of these country cuties from now on!

Excited to hang out with fellow Bluebird artists and to get cozy on the tour bus, Erin Enderlin tells host Beth Brinker about her forthcoming project and some fun things she's got in store for fans throughout and after Country Throwdown Tour.

Fans might already be familiar with the country songwriter from songs that have have been recorded by Lee Ann Womack ("Last Call") and Alan Jackson ("Monday Morning Church"), but the artist is now ready to release her own album. Erin has been working with Jamey Johnson and Jim "Moose Brown" on the record, and she reveals that she "couldn't be prouder" and that recording it has been "a dream come true."

A "singing son of a gun," Erin also reveals that Randy Houser makes an appearance on the new project.

To hear more about Erin Enderlin and what she's got planned for the summer and beyond, check out this interview!

Next up, Beth Brinker chats with Minnesota native Caitlyn Smith, who is excited to say she has signed a publishing deal and is officially writing songs for a living.

Although she has only lived in Nashville for a year, Caitlyn has already achieved great success. She recently got her first cut as a songwriter on the Jason Aldean record with a tune called "It Ain't Easy," and has gotten multiple placements on television shows such as Make It or Break It, Jersey Shore and Gossip Girl.

Thrilled to be part of the Throwdown, Caitlyn says, "I'm just most excited to observe and learn from all these wonderful artists and to see what it's like to tour."

Caitlyn Smith has three independent records and a new single called "My Lover's Gone and Left Me" available on iTunes. Be sure to hear more from the country singer-songwriter in this interview!

Putting a special spotlight on lady #3, Beth Brinker talks to Dani Flowers about the rise of her country career.

The singer-songwriter shares an interesting story explaining why the number '3' seems to be her lucky digit. Growing up a huge country music fan - citing Lee Ann Womack, Patty Loveless and George Strait as particular favorites - Dani tells us that her biggest dreams involved (1) signing to the MCA record label, (2) writing songs for Sony Tree, and (3) having the famed Erv Woolsey as her manager. After years of hard work, Dani has put a 'check' by each of these goals and has witnessed her dreams come true!

To hear more about what she has accomplished - and how hard it will be to maintain her vegan diet with a barbecue smoker following her on tour - check out this interview with Dani Flowers!