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Garth Brooks has recently talked with The New York Daily News about the upcoming Lifetime movie based on his song "Unanswered Prayers."

The movie, which premiered last night, is based on the song's idea about a married man wondering what his life might have been like if his relationship had worked out with another girl from high school.

Garth, who is the executive producer of the project, says, "It is the song. There's not anything in there that takes away from the song."

Uneasy about putting his song in the hands of other people, the country star says that "the lack of control that you have, you're so susceptible. It takes eight billion people to make a movie. It takes one, or two, to write a song."

Garth goes on to tell The Oklahoman, "I'm amazed anybody ever makes a movie, its got so many ways to fall apart. If you'll learn real quick that you really have no control over it, you'll be a lot better. You just don't. There's just too many hands, too many different opinions."

Happy with the outcome of the film, he goes on to say that "you just pray and look for good karma that everything kind of runs on the same theme. And this one really did. The crew was sincere, cast was sincere, and it was wonderful."

Unanswered Prayers stars Eric Close and Samantha Mathis as a happily married couple with a son. They seem to be living the American Dream, but when his high school crush returns home, he starts wondering about what might have been.


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Tim McGraw's latest album, Number One Hits, is available for purchase today.

The double-disc set features 22 of McGraw's chart-topping singles as well as two bonus tracks - his latest single "Felt Good On My Lips," and a dance mix of his 1994 hit, "Indian Outlaw."

The two-CD collection also includes three songs that ranked as the No. 1 country hits of their respective years on Billboard's year-end charts: 1997's "It's Your Love," a duet with McGraw's wife, Faith Hill, 1998's "Just To See You Smile" and the 2004 hit "Live Like You Were Dying."

Check out Tim McGraw's website for purchasing details.

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American music icon Willie Nelson was arrested on Friday in Sierra Blanca, Texas for marijuana possession.

According to Billboard.com, police smelled the drug on his tour bus at checkpoint in an area about 30 miles from the Mexico border.

A criminal defense attorney based in Austin tells TMZ that Nelson could face up to two years in jail and a minimum of six months there.

Director of the L.A. chapter of NORML - a nonprofit organization working to legalize marijuana -  Bruce Margolin says that Willie has the possibility of skipping jail time if he can plead the case that the drug was used for medicinal purposes and that he forgot that it was on his tour bus.

This is not the first time Willie has been busted for pot; he was arrested in 2006 when 1.5 pounds of cannabis and three ounces of hallucinogenic mushrooms were found on his bus. The country legend was also arrested in Waco, Texas in 1995 after police discovered half of a joint in his car.

A huge advocate of the legalization of marijuana, Willie told CelebStoner.com, "Tax it, regulate it and legalize it. And stop the border wars over drugs. Why should the drug lords make all the money? Thousands of lives will be saved."

If enough cannabis consumers get active and organize under "Willie Nelson's Teapot Party," future voters may have the chance to support candidates who support ending the 'Cannabis Prohibition." 

Willie has created a Facebook page to create awareness for the cause that already has more than 5,000 followers. He says the Teapot Party motto is "We lean a little to the left."


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Keith Urban was terrified going to rehab would destroy his marriage to Nicole Kidman.

The country singer - who now has a two-year-old daughter, Sunday Rose, with the actress - checked into a clinic for drug and alcohol addictions just four months after their wedding in 2006.

But Keith, 43, who was hooked on cocaine and had been to rehab twice before, admits it was a turning point that brought them closer together.

During an appearance on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show', he said: "I thought, 'Surely let's give it a few years so we've got some solidity, because this kind of thing could tear us apart. This could just destroy us.' "

But Nicole and a few friends staged an intervention and forced Keith to get help, and those actions changed his life forever.

He said: "It was really a profound moment in so many ways.

"The way in which Nic' handled that moment was just perfect ... Everything was just designed, I believe, for that moment to fuse us together."

Keith - who claims it was his "love" for Nicole that made him determined to get clean once and for all - admits she has changed his life for the better.

He added "I look back now and realize Nic' has taught me so much and brought so much into my life and opened my eyes in so many ways ... This is the best place I've ever been."