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Taylor Swift finds love "confusing."

The 20-year-old country star - who has dated Taylor Lautner and was famously dumped by Joe Jonas on the phone - struggles to cope with the complexities of dating and relationships and tries to make sense of her romantic life by writing songs inspired by her romantic liaisons.

She said: "Naturally, I want to write songs about love and relationships because I find it find it all very confusing. When I meet someone new, I live somewhere between hope and fear. Hope that this time it could be different, and fear that it will turn out like it has before."

While Taylor admits writing songs about her heartbreak is therapeutic, she feels "vulnerable" when she listens back to the lyrics.

She told America's OK! magazine: "I've written all the songs on it about things that have happened over the last two years, and a lot has happened over the last two years. It's been very eventful, a lot of adventures and misadventures. I have a lot fun doing this and getting to write songs about what happens in my life, but putting it all out there in your music - all the details - you're taking a chance with that because you are very vulnerable."

Taylor also revealed she now hopes to put the Kanye West controversy completely behind her.

At the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards (VMAs), the rapper interrupted Taylor in the middle of her acceptance speech for the Best Female Video prize to tell the audience Beyonce Knowles should have won, resulting in an avalanche of criticism.

Taylor - who, along with Kanye, performed at the 2010 VMAs in September - said: "For me, I felt like performing at the VMAs was the best way to go out there and sing how I was actually feeling. Being there really helped put all that behind me."


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Stealing Angels - CMA 2010 Interview
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All three descendants from famous folks, the girls of Stealing Angels have a very unique story of how they came together as a country music trio. 

A long lost relative of Daniel Boone, Caroline Cutbirth had always dreamed of becoming a country music star. After struggling to make a solo career in Nashville, she finally came across Jennifer Wayne - a tennis guru with a striking country singing voice. While they both continued to strive for solo success, the two began writing music together.


In 2007, Caroline and Jennifer - who is the granddaughter of actor John Wayne - were approached by a TV producer looking to create a program called "All in the Genes," a reality show focused on the benefits and struggles of coming from a famous family. After searching for a third cast member, the producer introduced Tayla Lynn, the granddaughter of country music legend Loretta Lynn, to the mix.


Surrounded by country music and what comes with it since she was a little girl, Tayla shared the dream of becoming a singer and performer just like her potential "cast mates."


The country hopefuls decided against the reality show and continued focusing on solo careers. Songwriting and frequently practicing harmonies together, the girls realized that their chemistry could really shine on stage as a trio.


The group's debut single, "He Better Be Dead," was released in July and hit No. 59 on the Billboard Hot Country Songs list.


To hear more about how Stealing Angels came together, how they find inspiration from family and friends, and why "he better be dead," check out this exclusive interview with the girls from their tour bus at the 2010 Country Music Awards. 


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Robert Plant may perform with Led Zeppelin again.

The British rock group's legendary singer has for a long time been adamant he would not reform the 'Black Dog' group, although he has now admitted he could be open for discussions with surviving ex-bandmates Jimmy Page and John Paul Jones.

When asked by avclub.com if Led Zeppelin were thinking of playing again, Robert replied: "I think we're probably thinking about talking."

Robert reunited with the group for a one off show in 2007 in tribute to Atlantic Records founder Ahmet Ertegun, but said he was left questioning himself about it.

He explained: "I was driven to distraction with fear and reminiscences and huge reflections of my mortality and, like, can I do it? Is it best I leave it as it was? Is it some kind of pulsing fun machine? But we had to do it. We had to say goodbye to Ahmet and that was a great way of putting a lot of things back in the box that were all over the floor."

Jimmy has previously expressed his desire for the group to play together again, but said their future lies in Robert's hands.

He said: "You'd better ask Robert Plant what the future of Led Zeppelin is. Musicians can always play together but I don't think you can go out with a band called Led Zeppelin if you haven't got the original vocalist."

Robert's latest album, 'Band Of Joy' is available now.

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Luke Bryan - who kicked off his Farm Tour across Georgia yesterday - is hitting the road with Jason Aldean on his "Wide Open" tour.


After touring together previously, the two have gotten to know each other's personalities and get along very well.


Additionally,Uncle Kracker will be appear on several dates of Aldean's tour. Although he is widely known for his rap and rock music, Kracker has been making his way into the country music scene with his Top 10 hit "Smile."