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Toby Keith

Toby Keith certainly had a wealth of tunes to choose from for his forthcoming album, Bullets in the Gun. He actually ended up taking two of the songs off the album that he thought were potential singles. Keith shares with Billboard.com, "When I finished cutting the tracks, I felt like I had six or seven singles. And I figured they're only gonna release three singles off this album. So I said, 'Man, there's no way I'm gonna let these [other] songs just be lost on the album,' so I ended up actually pulling two tracks off this album and putting them in the can for the next one, just so they wouldn't be lost." Toby wrote a lot for the CD, attributing it to "more time writing by myself." He still brought on co-writers, though, noting, "The co-writing thing keeps me from being lazy. When you've got a co-writer out here for two or three days and he's taking the time to fly out here and be with us, it makes you get up and work."

The album's first and current single, "Trailerhood," came out of a motorcycle ride in Oklahoma. Keith passed by a trailer home park where he used to reside and said to his companion, "'Let's turn around at the trailerhood and get out of here.' It just kind of sprung out; I made a faux pas and said 'trailerhood' instead of neighborhood or trailer park, and it made me laugh. So I just took my phone out and sent myself a message and then wrote it over Christmas break." Look for Bullets in the Gun – including a deluxe edition – to drop on October 9.

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Randy Travis

Next year certainly will be a memorable one for Randy Travis; it's the 25th anniversary of his first album on a major label, Storms Of Life. In honor of the milestone, Randy will team up with various artists for a project that includes duets with Alan Jackson, Josh Turner, Tim McGraw and Kenny Chesney. Also appearing on the album will be John Anderson, who will collaborate with Travis on his 1986 hit "Diggin' Up Bones." Randy shares with The Wilkes-Barre Weekender, "I didn't know this, but when it was written, there was actually a third verse to the song, and we added that on the record. And it's hilarious." As for Carrie Underwood's contribution to the forthcoming CD, Travis reveals, "She wants to do something old, and I don't even know what we're going to do yet." You can look for the album to come out during the first half of next year.

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Jason Aldean

Jason Aldean will release his fourth studio album, My Kinda Party, on November 2. Jason shares, "The album is named My Kinda Party because it's totally representative of what I like and what my fans have come to expect on my records and at the 'party' we throw at our shows." He adds, "I think the key is knowing who you are as an artist and taking it to an extreme without ripping anybody else off... it's all about knowing what it is that sets you apart." For Aldean, he's pleased with the recording process of his albums. Jason explains, "I don't want my records to sound like everybody else's. The only way to do that is to cut it like we do... with my touring band and with an engineer that nobody else uses in Nashville, and I'm really proud of tht." The CD will contain 15 tracks, including a duet with Kelly Clarkson. Fans can see the unveiling of the album cover today at facebook.com/jasonaldean.

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Blake Shelton


Blake Shelton will co-host NBC's Today show with Hoda Kotb this morning. It marks Blake's third appearance on the show this year, and his second in less than two weeks. Shelton quips, "I don't think the Today show knows what they really signed up for with me co-hosting." He adds, "I mean, have you read my tweets? I hope they're ready to sensor me." The last time Blake visited the show, he chatted with hosts Hoda and Kathie Lee Gifford about his newly-released SIX PAK,All About Tonight, as well as his #1 tune of the same name.