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Carrie Underwood is too busy to have children.

The country singer - who recently wed hockey player Mike Comrie - and her new husband are planning to have children together, but the sportsman admits it won't be for a long time.

He said: "We obviously want kids, but that's down the road.

"Now is not the time, especially with our busy schedules, everything we've got going on. We don't know exactly when, but definitely we will."

Mike also described married life as "awesome", admitting he couldn't be happier.

When asked how life as a newlywed is going, he replied: "It's awesome. I'm with my best friend and I love her to death. There's nothing better, for sure."

Speaking about their wedding day, the 30-year-old sportstar said it passed in a "blur" but he and the 27-year-old singer were thrilled with their big day - which took place in Georgia in front of 230 guests - though they wish more people could have been there.

He added in an interview with the Toronto Sun newspaper: "The whole weekend is almost like a blur.

"The ceremony was really nice, the pastor did a great job, the reception was a lot of fun. Just to have everyone close to us around was a big deal. A wedding's not nearly as much fun without those close family and friends with you.

"We tried to get as many people as we could. The thing was, we didn't want it to be too huge and not be able to see everyone, either.

"The whole day was great. It was everything we both wanted it to be."

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Billy Currington

Billy Currington has teased a little about what his upcoming album will be like, and it won't be your average country record. As Billy shares, he put a little of everything on the new project:

"I wanted to record songs that weren't all the same - like all country songs or all this or all that. So I just mixed it up. You'll hear some soulful stuff on there and you'll hear some back porch country on there, and maybe one that's kinda rock, you know, rocked up a little bit. Just, I don't know... whatever was good I thought I'd record at the time."

Billy also admits that he would love to add a duet on the album, but he's not sure who he'd like to sing it. He says he's been "thinking outside the box" for a partner. Currington's new CD is slated for release this fall.

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 Randy Houser's USO tour overseas in Iraq earlier this year was worth every second for him. Randy shares with Guideposts magazine about his first show at the base there, "From the minute I walked onstage that afternoon, the soldiers were on their feet, cheering, singing along at the top of their lungs." He adds, "They never once sat down. I've done hundreds of concerts, in packed arenas. But this was like nothing I'd ever experienced. Their energy practically lifted me off the stage. Looking into the smiling faces of these soldiers - some of them only teenagers - I felt pure joy surge through me. It reminded me of when I was first starting out, just me and my guitar, the sheer wonder of playing in front of a few appreciative people."

Houser got to perform a new song, "Here With Me," for the troops while he was there. So how did the audience respond? Houser reveals, "A few words into the first verse, a hush fell over the crowd. You could have heard a pin drop when I got to the chorus, 'And you'd be there on a cold night in Georgia. And you'd be there when it's raining in Tennessee.' Cheers rang out as I sang the name of each state, like amens punctuating a church revival. I could see some of the soldiers choking up. I finished to thunderous applause... It dawned on me that the song wasn't about me, that it was, in fact, a gift for these servicemen and women. I played it in every concert after that, always with the same incredible reaction." Despite the great crowd response, Randy still re-wrote the lyrics to the second verse when he returned to the U.S. He shares, "I was almost done when I realized there was still something that needed to be sung. This time I knew just the words: 'But I know God can hear me way up there, sending up an old familiar prayer.'" You can hear the new tune on Houser's forthcoming album, They Call Me Cadillac, which comes out on September 14. Randy adds about the CD, "You'll see my name listed as the songwriter, but the real credit goes to the One who hears the prayers of our men and women in uniform and gave me the words to thank them."

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Trace Adkins Toby Keith



Trace Adkins is happy to be back on the road with buddy Toby Keith on his "American Ride" tour. Trace tells AOL's The Boot, "That first weekend was a little chaotic because Toby and his crew were having to work with all totally brand new gear because they lost everything in the flood. I felt bad for them. It kind of made things a little frantic, but we pulled it off." Adkins says he learned how to handle all the unexpected problems that come along with major tours. Trace says he has picked up a lot of tips along the way from acts he has toured with, ranging all the way back to 1996 when he first hit the music scene.