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A bunch of country stars are among Forbes magazine's "The Celebrity 100," considered the most powerful celebrities in the world. According to forbes.com, Taylor Swift, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts all made the list. It includes film and television actors, TV personalities, models, athletes, authors, musicians and comedians. The list measures their income in addition to their performance in four different media categories: TV/radio, press, Internet and social media. Taylor came in at #12; Kenny was at #54; Rascal Flatts ranked at #62. Other country artists also on the list include Toby Keith at #67 and Keith Urban at #76. Oprah Winfrey is the #1 most powerful celebrity, ranking at the top for both income and TV/radio. Among the other music acts who made "The Celebrity 100" are: Beyonce Knowles at #2, Lady Gaga at #4, Britney Spears at #6 and U2 at #7.


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Carrie Underwood threw a bachelorette party in Las Vegas last weekend.

The country singer - who will marry ice hockey player Mike Fisher next month - celebrated the end of her single life with a group of her closest female friends and made sure all eyes were on her at the bash with a specially-made sash, while her pals donned feather boas as they took to the dance floor.

A source said: "Around midnight on June 25, Carrie landed at Las Vegas' Lavo nightclub with about eight girlfriends.

"She was wearing a mini-dress and a sash that said 'bachelorette'."

However, onlookers insist the party didn't get too wild, though it was obvious the group were enjoying themselves.

The source added to Life and Style magazine: "It wasn't a rowdy bachelorette party. No shots or singing or anything like that. It was just a group of girls dancing and having fun!"

Meanwhile, Mike threw his own bachelor party, celebrating with friends at Miami nightspot Mansion.

A source said: "The guys downed shots of Belvedere and danced on their table as King of Crunk, rapper Lil Jon DJ-ed. Mike was the most subdued of the group, sitting back and admiring the madness as he nursed one cocktail through much the night."

Carrie recently admitted she is taking a relaxed approach to her wedding.

She said: "We'll just show up. It's mainly about family and friends and the two of us. So it's going to be good no matter what."


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Willie Nelson


While he's definitely not an advocate for the use of hard drugs, Willie Nelson is a big supporter of marijuana. He shares with Parade magazine, "Legalize weed. It's 50% of what's causing the problems along the border with the drug cartels. A lot of people who sell it want to keep it illegal because that’s where the money is. The cartels are now in hundreds of our cities, growing and selling weed. Legalize it, and it would stop all that immediately." Having cut down on drinking alcohol lately, Nelson admits, "There are many bands that are not here anymore because of the drugs and alcohol. I know a lot of singers who have ruined their careers drinking and drugging." Someone very close to Willie, in fact, suffered the effects of drug addiction; his son, Billy, hanged himself on Christmas Day in 1991. Billy was 33 years old. While Willie is distraught over the great loss of a son, he also has mentally turned it into something positive. Nelson reveals, "Death is not the ending of anything. I believe all of us are only energy that becomes matter. When the matter goes away, the energy still exists. You can't destroy it. It never dies. It manifests itself somewhere else." He adds, "We are never alone. Even by ourselves, we are not alone. Death is just a door opening to somewhere else. Someday we'll know what that door opens to. I believe that. I really do."

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Vince Gill

Vince Gill is a tad concerned that the music he's making now won't reach as many people as he hopes to, but it's thankfully not stopping him from making a new album nonetheless. Gill shares with The Tennessean, "What's interesting in a life like this is that it has waves of popularity and not so much popularity and this is one of those waves of (unpopularity on the country music charts)." Vince adds, "You are not being noticed as much, but maybe some of your best work is being done. You feel like it's not like the days where you had the big run, but it's really OK. I wish that I was still having hits and all that, but I'm trying to. I do know the records are better and the songs are better, and I take a lot of pride and comfort in that." Gill also is producing LeAnn Rimes' upcoming CD.