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Rascal Flatts will make a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida this weekend to tape an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres Show, set to air April 2. The trio will perform their rapidly rising hit single, "Unstoppable," which is a Top 15 hit and climbing.  The band is currently in the studio working on a new album and will announce a new summer tour soon.



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Dolly Parton



[Dolly Parton has come to the defense of a couple of Hollywood blondes, namely reality star Heidi Montag and Jessica Simpson. When asked about Montag's extreme makeover procedures at the age of 23, Parton tells Access Hollywood, "Oh, I would have probably done it when I was that age if I could have afforded it and thought I needed it." Of her own much publicized plastic surgery and her honesty about it, Dolly says, "Well, people want to know. If you ask me about it, I'd rather tell you... I'd rather you think I had plastic surgery than to think I was a liar."

The country legend also talked about all the Jessica Simpson bashing going on in the media. Parton says, "It hurts me. In fact, I have defended Jessica so many times 'cause I get so mad. I think, 'You don't even know her!'... and who has such a right to be so cruel and so mean? They just seem to want to hurt her for whatever their reasons are. I've had been made fun of enough in my lifetime especially when I was a child... It hurts and I know it hurts anybody."

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Here are just a of some of the amazing interviews Yallwire was a part of at this years CRS 2010 in Nashville!


More interviews to come on Yallwire!

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Billy Currington



Billy Currington is embarking on his first headlining tour this spring and is learning what it takes to take the main stage. After so many years of being an opening act, Billy admits he didn't know what it took to put a tour together:

"I thought it was gonna be so crazy and hectic and hard to pull together in a short amount of time. But I got lucky and you have to add people too. So I've added four or five new guys who make things so much easier. I didn't know these kind of guys existed out there. I didn't know someone would, like, tune your guitar for you and then hand it to ya and hand you another one after that song. So, yeah, it's been great."