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Billboard named Carrie Underwood the #1 Hot Country Songs Artist of 2008, and she was also the most-heard country artist of the year.  Underwood has three nominations and will sing at the People's Choice Awards on January 7.  Other engagements and honors this year include co-host of the CMA Awards, headliner of the Carnival Ride tour and joining the Grand Ole Opry.  

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taylor swift

Taylor Swift's album sales have surpassed the 5 million mark with her latest release, Fearless, which already has 1.5 million sales.  Her self-titled debut album sold 3.7 million unit.  Billboard named her the best-selling country artist of 2008, and she ranks fourth in sales across all genres, where she trails Josh Groban, Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus.

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Lady Antebellum is performing on NBC's "Today" show tomorrow to celebrate Christmas Eve.  The trio will sing "Baby, It's Cold Outside" (now available exclusively on iTunes) and their debut single, "Love Don't Live Here."  The Grammy-nominated band has had quite the year.  As Hillary Scott said, "I'll definitely be doing some last-minute Christmas power shopping in the city.  I can't think of a better way to end what has been a truly unbelievable year for us."

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tim mcgraw

According to a People magazine interview, Tim McGraw said he is not pursuing the 2010 Tennessee governor's post - at least, at this time.  "There's no truth to this," McGraw's representative told People. "It's something he is interested in but not for 2010.  Later in life."   

The New Republic reported earlier this month that McGraw was a potential candidate; however, he never publicly stated this himself.