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by RubySioux // Tuesday, July 3, 2007 // Upfront, Promo Music // 0 Comments

* Go online to www.campaignforyourcause.com

* Click on line that reads 'Click here to vote for New Orleans'.

* Enter your birthday on the line (mm/dd/yyyy) and click the
circle next to the line that reads 'Father Harry Tompson Center'.

* Finally click 'VOTE'.

All it takes is a second to help this well deserving, highly accountable charity to continue great work with the still recovering New Orleans needy.

by RubySioux // Monday, July 2, 2007 // News, Upfront, Promo Music // 0 Comments

Taylor Rocks Taylor Swift, country's newest girl next door, seems to be dominating the 2007 charts.

She recently earned a Platinum certification for her self-titled album while touring the nation with Braid Paisley. She has been recognized as the first female country artist to write/co-write every song on the platinum selling debut.

She's selling over 30,000 albums a week, and her new single "Tears On My Guitar" quickly approaches the Top 10.

Serenading Tim McGraw at the ACM awards mighta been just what this sweet pea needed to catch the right someone's attention.

To think. just a year ago this down-home gal couldn't get a record deal.

You go girl!