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That's right. Be there or be square. No Depression loves it. We do here too.

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Billy Joe Shaver's Greatest Hits
He is, you know, full of love and in the moment......The Real Deal.
Sending his best to young hearted honkey tonk heroes and fallen angels.
So I hear.
When life happens upon and you happen to have missed his genius....aside from checking him out live.....here we have the best of his best in one album. (along with a few unreleased gems)

Compadre Records is flaunting 18 of Billy Joe's best and well, I'm a fan. Fanatical about his realism. Appreciating every time he goes well.....and then goes into a story about what happened when the cab dropped him off and the truck and the dog were missing. He is genuine.
And when you got a load of hyperproduced and packaged songs that sound much like that...it's a breath of, oh you know.

You can pre-order his Greatest Hits at Compadre Records. JUST DO IT.
Official release date = April 3.