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Charlie Louvin

CHARLIE LOUVIN, of the Louvin Brothers, released a new album on Tompkins square. Hosting an all star cast of guest appearances, Mark Nevers (Calexico, Candi Staton) from the "other side of Nashville" produced the album with Charlie.

Charlie was one of the most noteworthy musicians of the '40s and '50s. He and his brother Ira advanced the close harmony duo performance (of old-time country days) into the new era of country music of the 50's.

It's always a good idea to hold onto the past gems when heading into the future, it's a main characteristic of successful evolution. And the country of the 50's holds a special place in our collective soul..
To me it doesn't get much more intimate and traditional.

Elvis Costello, George Jones, Will Oldham, Jeff Tweedy, Tom T. Hall, and members of Lampchop and Bright Eyes all join Mr. Louvin in this distinctive project.

They'll be celebrating the album's release with an in-store at Grimey's in Music City on Saturday, February 24th .
The best part..he's making a stop by SXSW.. where we hope to get a glimpse of the history maker in person.

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Seriously one of my all-time favorite albums gets DELUXE treatment.
AND Lucinda releases WEST, first album out in three years.
I first heard Drunken Angel while at local Johnny Cash bar, The Mean Eyed Cat.
It was a life altering experience at the bar that night, while Willis kept the dollars coming so my friends and I could entertain him with our jukebox selections. I picked the title track, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road. And believe you me I busted out my own version with all I had.....something about it makes me feel so much. But there is nothing like Lucinda's passion and style to intoxicate us with her gritty and bittersweet groans.

Hank Williams and Rick Rubin are in on this remastered version, along with Emmylou Harris, Buddy Miller and Steve Earle. Sound Magical? It is. Like how I felt when I first heard Lucinda sing.....

The Mean Eyed CatSun came up it was another day
And the sun went down you were blown away
Why'd you let go of your guitar?
Why'd you ever let it go that far?
...drunken angel.

The harmonica takes me even further into the longing, thanks to the All American Boy. What can I really say, when the music does it all for me.

This album is like a rainstorm soaked pair of overalls that I can't wait to put back on.

.....after all the dirt turns to mud and dries up it's even better.

The 2 CD set includes concert footage and live recordings from WXPN's World Cafe. It's also lovingly dedicated to Lucinda's favorite percussionist, Donald Lindley who passed onto the other side.
"You're on the other side."


For more of her unparallelled work,
Today's New Release


Lucinda's official site

or www.ilovethatsong.com.

Gorgeous and Tragic.
True and Implied.
Brutal and Delicate.

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Dixie Chick Don't Have To Be Nice

.......to rake in the grammys, the Dixie Chicks must've done something right.

Nice may be out. Their new BAD GIRL IMAGE might be just what the awards world ordered.

Or was it the sheer talent of the gals, led in my opinion by Natalie?.....who of course is the spawn of ubertalented Lloyd. Her grandpa was in on the musical gene pool as well.

Whatever are we so excited about?

Awards shows usually tell tales of popularity and represent the strength of a label's PR and marketing machines.

Of course record sales and expert critiques play into it as well....but the chicks broke a mold for me.
Maybe it's not such a big deal, but they could just be proving that despite bad press and radio bans that kudos can still fall from the sky.

And you don't need to be nice.

Thank god.

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