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Bring Them Home Now

Patsy did it. Dolly did it. Johnny and Willie too.

Toby of course and Rascall Flatts. Lee Ann and Trace . Now You >>--->

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We're always trying to find the balance between mind and body, flesh and spirit.
You may be going honky-tonking on Saturday night but you still find solace and comfort in the pew on Sunday morning.

No one is perfect, as Johnny The Man In BlackCash put it,

"Sometimes I am two people. Johnny is the nice one. Cash causes all the trouble. They fight."

It sort of our human struggle to find the middle ground in life. Everyday we have to figure out which master to serve and sometimes it's a closer battle than we think.

Are you a good hearted woman?
A good timin man?

Are you havin day dreams about night things in the middle of the afternoon, like Ronnie Milsap?

It's such a personal choice .....what you're going to spend your days dreamin of and doing.

Music always lifts my spirits ....or touches me on some level. It's powerful, so if there are any requests or hopes you have from us, here at Yallwire....let me know.
I know we're just greenhorns in the country music community, but we want to keep things real...and I personally want to keep things really good.

Grampa always tells me,
"If you can't be good, be damn good at it...."

Thank God for him.

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The Wolf 95.5 usually throws a few ladies into the Man Jam, but this year's invite to 12manKellie Pickler has stirred up some dirt.

Here's a few recent comments from Texas Music website: Galleywinter.com:

Sticker, " I say we all throw some money in a pot and put up a bounty for who ever slaps kellie pickler on stage for being a dumbass. Who's in?"
Jplace, " I'm in for that...her record sucks...nope didn't buy it, gotta love the internet and torrent files....."
Whitney 04, "I would love to see Stoney say something to her about her ditzy-ness."
gruene_eyed_girl, "If she interferes with Stoney's set...I may ping her in the head with my red high heel!"

Them's fightin words.
You can't dispute the entire lineup : billy bob's

Vince Gill
Miranda Lambert
Josh Turner
Blake Shelton
Kellie Pickler
Rick Trevino
Eric Church
Jason Michael Carrol
Cody Canada
Stoney Larue
Brandon Rhyder
Lee Ann Womack

Check out our latest videos from Vince, Miranda, Josh, Eric, Cody and Lee Ann.

For more details go to www.995thewolf.com.

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Why is it always about size with guys? gentry caught
I'm sorry to say that Troy Gentry, of Montgomery Gentry, has gotten caught in the act of exaggerating.

He pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge on Monday morning in Duluth, Minnesota. Charged with falsely recording a prized bear he killed as a wild one, he narrowly escaped a felony charge of transporting an illegally registered animal. Troy purchased the bear from Lee Greenly and together they planned the event hunt down to the story they would tell when registering the find.

Shame shame.

    We all want to tame the wild and brag about it, but unfortunately the wildlife laws in Minnesota do not support embellishing the truth. Exceptions made for Garrison Keeler who claims all the women are strong, all the men are good-looking, and all the children are above average.

    Troy is a hell raiser who sure knows how to keep things exciting. As part of the plea he lost his right to game in Minnesota for the next 5 years, so he'll just have to take his antics elsewhere.