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Jason Alden - Crazy Town (Remix)

by Unknown // Monday, August 9, 2010 // News, Promo Music, Upfront // 0 Comments

Jason Aldean 

 Feeling comfortable at the top of the country charts and singing his multiple number one songs to fans each night in concert, Jason Aldean tells The Washington Examiner that he's thinking about throwing some new songs into the mix. He shares, "We talked about putting some of those songs in the show. There is a good possibility; we haven't played any of them live and there's no time like the present." Jason hints about his upcoming album, "We have some cool stuff on there. The success we had with Wide Open helped us go out and find some really great songs. We have been in the studio every day we weren't [on the road]." Even though there have been rumors of some very un-Aldeanlike sounds on the album, Aldean said the music doesn't veer much from his classic sound. He said, "You don't want to alienate fans who like what you do. It's our type of music. It's kind of like you want to keep with what brought you to the dance, you know?"


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