Emma Mae Jacob


Emma Mae Jacob isn't your average sixteen year old, though she may sometimes seem like one. The bubby blond native of Costa Mesa, California likes what other girls her age like - boys, talking on the phone, going to the mall, watching anime (a genre of Japanese animation) - but also happens to be an immensely talented singer. Like fellow country vocalist Katie Armiger, Emmas's soulful voice and boundless talent is made most amazing by her young age.

A young Emma began taking vocal classes while still in elementary school, at the urging of her parents who believed her career as a vocalist could go farther than the karaoke machine in her bedroom. She was instructed by legendary vocal coach Seth Riggs, whose list of esteemed clientele includes Janet Jackson, Barbara Striesand, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder. Though she initially wanted to sing gospel and R&B (and did so at age 11 on Saturday Night at the Apollo, a popular variety show), her musical tastes shifted toward country in her early teens, inspired by the late great Patsy Cline.

Her family took over the operation of a local theatre in Colfax, California when Emma was 13, giving her a venue to further hone her skills. At the urging of producer Paul Worley (who jumpstarted the careers of the Dixie Chicks and Big & Rich, among others), Emma's family sold their house and moved to Nashville soon after in hopes of realizing Emma's dreams of becoming a country vocalist.

With Worley's influence Emma was introduced to veteran producer Biff Watson, who produced her first record Breaking All The Rules in 2007 for independent label Lyric Street Records. Featuring songs like "With You", "What If We Fly", and "Untrue", the album is positive and upbeat but does not shy away from showcasing Emma's wide vocal range. With Breaking All The Rules flying off store shelves, the young singer couldn't be happier. Her upcoming projects include her nationwide Summer 2008 tour, as well as an animation series inspired by her budding career.

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